Anyone got the gout?

  1. Anyone got the gout?

    Just wondering if anyone here has gout or had much info on it. There is plenty of info on the net but I can't find exactly what I'm looking for. I used to drink and eat high protein and I would get pain in my big toe on either foot every now and then. I figured it was gout. Doc said quite possibly but never confirmed. It seemed as though it would flare up when I would get right into lifting and taking in a lot of whey powder. And the beer. I don't drink at all anymore but have been lifting seriously again and taking a lot of whey again. The toe pain is back right now. It's not too bad right now, I walk without even limping but I know how bad it can get. I actually had it in both ankles at one point and had to take an entire week off of work because I couldn't even walk. I've been to the doc several times for it but they were never able to pull a fluid sample from a joint that had a full blown attack to see what it was. I have read that whey protein is actually prescribed for people with gout so they can get their protein needs met because it doesn't cause gout. WTF is wrong with me? I have been to the doctor probably 8 or 10 times in my life for this and it is still a big ????????? Help?

  2. Go to your local health food store and pick up some black cherry concentrate. Take a tblspoon 3 times a day till the pain subsides,which should be about 3-5 days. After that,take a dose one time a day to prevent flare ups. Also avoid processed meats,nitrates,chocolate,beer and red wine. These foods promote uric acid formation in your joints causing the pain and inflammation. Black cherry concentrate disolves the uric acid,also a great source of vit c. Hope this helps!

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