lately i have been cutting down on my carbohydrates because summer is coming and i wanted to start my cut..i have been feeling really deprived of them lately..i was reading around and i know some people do refeed days..where you will probably 5 days a week keep the carbs to a minimum. i would say about 50 a day then on refeed days about 200 or something.idk if this is right or not..could anyone help me out...started to consider usuaing anabolic pump again..not sure

  2. LOL I have never tried it, nor do I plan to...

    Most of the ones that do these "refeed's" are basically getting prepared for a show...They consume trace carbs during the week, then eat nothing but carbs for one day...I've seen guys eat thousands of grams of carbs in one day. It's sickening.

    PM me, and I'll show you an example.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by bubbachew View Post
    I've seen guys eat thousands of grams of carbs in one day. It's sickening.

    Don't you mean Delicious

  4. Quote Originally Posted by imprezivr6 View Post
    Don't you mean Delicious
    haha I don't know how they do it...I'd have to pound down the digestive enzymes because I'm so freakin' carb sensitive, it's ridiculous.



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