nutrient ratio for fat loss

  1. nutrient ratio for fat loss

    i finally stopped being such a lazy ass and managed to count all of my nutrients that i was consuming every day for about a week. im in a cutting phase right now so i cut 500 cals from my daily caloric requirement. i was shocked to see how much my fat ass was eating. no wonder its been taking so long to lose fat. im a little worried though about my carb/protein/fat ratio. 38% carbs. 37% protein, and 25% fat. is this ratio ok or do i need to adjust a few things?

  2. does anyone have any particular ratios that they are fans of? 50/30/20? 40/40/20?

  3. totally up to you. start with just dropping some calories to start with, and then make variations month to month

  4. Everybody is different. On a cut, I think it's best to lower the carbs to 40% tops. You could do 40/40/20 of P/C/F , or 40/30/30 . It really depends; I find I like to have a higher % of calories from fat than most people. Some people just need their carbs, and don't do well under 50%.

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