Oven Pizza's

  1. Oven Pizza's

    how bad are these for you...?

    I only get the ones with 0 trans fat.

    usually I get digiorno or freschetta, because they seem to have the least amount of sugar and no trans fat.

    I like them cause they are easy to make and inexpensive, I probably eat 2-3 a week...how bad is that?? I'm pretty thin as it is, maybe 7-8% bf. but I want the weight I gain to be lean muscle and not fat!

  2. I don't think their that bad but it would greatly depend on what else your eating and your physical activity during the day/week. I eat one DiGiorno a week and I eat the whole thing followed by a shake, but I do a lot of cardio and so forth during the week.

    I think as long as the other foods you eat or of great benefit diet wise and your physical activity is high a cheat meal 3 times a week wont hurt you. Just don't go bing and eat a gallon of ice cream as I do every few weeks
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