Need some help with supplement / nutrient timing

  1. Need some help with supplement / nutrient timing

    I'm currently recomping on a CKD.

    Bought a fresh round of supps but I really want to make sure I am timing everything correctly, and at the right amounts.

    Main Supps I want to utilize (outside of staples):

    Fish oil liquid
    Primaforce Sesamin Oil liquid (50% lignans)
    CLA caps (cla ethyl-ester) 1 gram caps
    Tea-GCG 50% - 500mg caps
    Coleus 20% - 100mg caps

    Most of my macros come from:

    Coconut oil
    Avocado Oil
    Sesame Oil
    Beef, chicken, pork, eggs, cheese
    Raw spinach
    whey / casein
    Superfood / greens powder
    Freeze Dried Berry powder
    Various veggies

    Just as a note, some of my staples include things like:
    ALCAR, DHEA, Now's Thyroid energy, Beta Alanine, Toco-8, MVP/ZMK


    3 day fullbody routine, mostly compound power movements, supersets / circuit training with some isolation work as well.
    I workout in evenings, cardio in mornings and eventually on off days.
    Ramping up my cardio over time as I go through this recomp period.

    I think my diet is down, but any tips would be great as well. For example, I am doing fasted morning cardio, and only protein immediately after. No fat within 2 hours of training in the morning or evening. I taper fat intake high to low from morning to evening as well.

    I'm mainly looking for the optimal way to time my supplements, and the amounts to take together for optimum synergy. Any other recommendations would be welcome too TIA

  2. Anyone?

    Maybe I will break it down myself, and then it would be easier for someone to review and tell me if I am right, or if it needs tweaks.

  3. Personally i think if you're eating varied protein sources with veges and nuts/seeds you should be getting all the nutrients you need.

    You'd be surprised if you worked it out.

    I have never used most of the supps you've mentioned but i always liked Dessiccated Liver on a CKD and a stim for the low energy days.

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