Differerent proteins in 1 meal ?? bad??

  1. Differerent proteins in 1 meal ?? bad??

    guys, this is gunna sound kinda wierd and dumb
    but therz this thing that has been bugging me for over a year now, nd i just had to get it off my chest
    this 1 bodybuilder guys once told me not to eat too many types of protein at a time (in a meal) is ther ny truth in that....lol

  2. Nonsense.


  3. kewl.......guess il start having my steak with a glass of milk on the side

  4. or with some chiken pasta........hmmmmmmmm soooooooo many ideas cuming now..lol

  5. The only time where that argument has *some* merit is during your post-workout meal. Many advocate fast-digesting proteins (whey for example) in that meal, and if coupled with slower-digesting proteins, the synthesis will be spaced out over a longer period of time.

    But yes, for the most part, "boulderdash!"

  6. I'm all for different kinds of proteins; it helps provide protein at slightly different times and complements eachother (since some digest faster than others).

  7. cool.....yeh totally ryt guys.....Thanks!!

  8. Sounds like confused variation of an already flawed theory that says you shouldn't eat carbs and fats in the same meal because carbs could be directly stored as adipose. Just because Roy Jones Jr. supports it doesn't mean it's true.

  9. That is straight garbage. So you have been avoiding different types of protein for a year?

  10. mrbigpr actually i have, after this guy told me that ****, i kinda felt "dirty" eating too many proteins at once, so i tried my best to keep to 1 type of protein per meal, with carbs obviously, but made sure to eat enough of it....


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