Lime = Hinder/ Helper?

  1. Lime = Hinder/ Helper?

    I happen to be one of those people that loves to put lime on everything. I like ALOT of lime with my lunch dinner. Just smother my rice in it, yum.

    Would this amount of lime hurt or help me in my current bulk diet. This is the last week of my cycle and unfortunatly I have a slight case of tendonitis so im taking it easy at the gym but still packing the food to prepare for when I start hitting it hard again.

    so Lime, good or bad?

  2. Hey limey don't worry it'll keep the scurvy away

    but yeah don't worry about it! go nuts!
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  3. UKStrength
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    Citrus fruits are extremely strong alkalising effect when ingested, good for bodybuilders because our diets tend to be very acidic in nature (lots of protein, good fats and starchy carbohydrates). Unless you eat TONS of alkaline foods already, citrus fruits are a good way to reduce the acidity of a meal.

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