no shotgun/synthesize

  1. no shotgun/synthesize

    i was thinking would it be ok to use no shotgun/synthesize on the anabolic diet ?? these supplement have no carbs but do spike insulin . i would think that this would be counterproductive to the diet . I dont know if this spike would cause muscle growth or fat gain . any feedback would be appriciated .

  2. If they have no carbs how do they spike insulin?

  3. according to vpx , l-leucine intermixed with protein hydrolysates magnifies insulin production and bis-picolinate oxo-vanadium increases beta cell sensitiviy and responses to insulin . I guessin since u are not consuming suger sugur than how could it any excess turn into bodyfat ??

  4. excuse my terrible typing !!!

  5. Hmm yeah, i'm looking at it now. Odd really

  6. yeah it sure is . i would think that with the insulin spike it creates it just might kick me out of ketosis . i just cant see a rapid rise in insulin without a certain decree of fat gain . unless in some way only muscle building effects are seen .


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