Alcohol and lifting

  1. Alcohol and lifting

    I have always wondered if drinking alcohol a few nights a week affects your weight lifting progress. I tend to drink a couple nights a week and my friend tells me that its bad to drink and lift heavy. Anyone know anything about this?

  2. Well, me personally, I got toasted the other night and I had no change in my workout except maybe taking about an hour longer because of feeling so ****ty.

  3. Im new so I hope Im doin this right. So what about anabolics and alcohol? I heard it was all about your temperment?

  4. I really don't think alchohol will affect your gear at all.. I may be wrong, but besides being capable of also damaging the liver and 10 beers containing as much yeast as a loaf of bread, I dont think you have much to worry about to be honest.

    I may be wrong =c)

  5. Yea beer is my vice for sure. Even though its alot of mpty cals.

  6. Alcohol and steroids...Not good
    Absorption of alcohol into the bloodstream can have a major effect on the anabolic steroid user. As a rule alcohol breaks down solids such as tissues and compounds. The anabolic steroid molecule is transformed from a testosterone molecule to an estrogen. Estrogen quickly aromatizes in the system and speeds along some of the most feared side effects of steroid use. Increased mood swings, gynomastia( aka man boobs), and severley shrunken testicles can all result from the use of these two substances.

    In addition oral ananbolic steroids are activated through the first pass throught the human liver, then filtered through the blood stream to nourish the muscular tissue. this breaking down process is roughly equivalent to consuming a 6 pack of light beer first thing in the morning, daily, on your liver. If you then drink a six pack or what ever later you are seroiously taxing your liver. Subcutaneous or injectable steroids do not pass through the liver and are less dangerous to use with alcohol but still not recommended.

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  7. eh... i wouldnt do it, if youre taking oral anabolics you may want to forego the beers, i wouldnt do it myself. If you are using anabolics it is already assumes that your training and diet are already dialed in damn near perfectly, to try and fit in alcohol is just a waste.

    I wouldnt do it, but im sure others have and have gotten away with it, but when im on stuff i want to eat fairly clean, and with the way alcohol goes through your body, i dont think id chance it.

    Now, without the steroids or whatever, and lifting while drinking, i guess it depends, if were talking a few drinks with dinner / lunch / breakfast (hey, ya never know) thats different than pounding back a 12 pack in one sitting.

    That said, ive gone to the gym hungover and felt like **** afterwards, not because the workout made me sick, because it didnt, but because i didnt get the workout i usually do and it made me feel like an idiot for drinking too much and messing up one of the things im most passionate about.

    not worth it imo.

    as i say that and i have 4 tall cans of beer next to me, lol, but i have an off day tomorrow damn it.

  8. How can it be good for you? Thats the first question Id ask.

    It just depends on how serious of a lifter you are. The more serious you are, the more it will affect you.

  9. A hard week of lifting is taking 3 steps forward...Alcohol does the opposite

    Alcohol is very fattening and it also retards muscle growth. Not only due to hangovers lowering your workout intensity, but it actually lowers protein synthesis by twenty percent! There are several reasons why it does this. For one, it dehydrates your muscle cells. As many know, hydrated and even over hydrated muscles (like when you take creatine) allows for a much higher anabolic environment. Because your cells aren't holding as much water, it becomes much harder to build muscle.

    The second reason why alcohol can severely hurt muscle growth is because it blocks the absorption of many important nutrients that are key to muscle contraction, relaxation and growth including calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron and potassium.

    The third way that alcohol actually lowers testosterone and increases estrogen! Yes, you read that right. In one study, men's testosterone levels were measured before and after consumption of alcohol. At the most intoxicated state, testosterone levels had dropped to an average of 25% lower.

    To Conclude: Alcohol and bodybuilding do not mix and will cause you to gain fat and lose muscle in the long run.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by lemke28 View Post
    I have always wondered if drinking alcohol a few nights a week affects your weight lifting progress. I tend to drink a couple nights a week and my friend tells me that its bad to drink and lift heavy. Anyone know anything about this?
    If you're young, it makes a minor difference. But you should never drink more than 1 or two drinks. 1 or 2 is associated with improved health on everything from heart disease to Alzheimers.

    But keep this in mind: alcohol messes with your P450 system in your liver which causes estrogen to stay in your body longer. That's of course pure evil. That's why 1 or maybe 2 drinks max!

  11. Normally I don't drink, but when I do once every 3-5 months I guess you would say I binge like 8-12 beers or similar in shot of liquor. How much detriment does this do in terms of bodybuilding being 3 steps forward and alcohol steps back?

  12. chemically correct- alcohol part 2 - is pretty interesting. definitely shows you how alcohol and building muscle ram heads.


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