A Compiled Grocery List (The Weight Loss edition)

  1. Red face A Compiled Grocery List (The Weight Loss edition)

    I think it'd be really nice for some of the newer guys who always ask "well what do I eat when cutting" to have a guide to refer to when they need to make a grocery run and hopefully we can have an impact on them to make a good decision!

    Add anything you like to eat while cutting/on a diet and if enough people join in, we will have enough information so the pickiest of eaters can eat and still lose weight!


  2. Broccoli
    Lean Ground Turkey
    Pork Loin
    Feta Cheese
    Cottage Cheese
    Skim Milk
    Hot Sauce
    Natty Peanut Butter

  3. chicken breast
    whey protein
    lean turkey breast
    whole wheat pasta
    whole wheat rice

  4. high gi foods.

  5. Avacados, Steel Cut Oats, Beans, Turkey Bacon, Wheat bread, wheat pasta and tomato sauce, nuts, water, bannana, sweet potatoes, eggs, milk, whey, wheat tortillas, chicken breast

  6. If you follow this link below to my Zone Meal of the Week log you can see recipes, pics and ideas for tons of good healthy and delicious eatings. Enjoy!

    ZONE Meal of the Week Pt 1
    Strongest On The Market
    RECOVERBRO: Est. Post #3222


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