Niacin for Cholesterol Reduction?

  1. Niacin for Cholesterol Reduction?

    Anyone have any experience taking 0.5-1 gram niacin ed to lower LDL and raise HDL? I am also taking 10mg zocor. I haven't discussed this w/ my doc, but want to lower my LDL which is presently at 160.

  2. Yep that needs to come down. Niacin will help.
    You need to make sure that it does not interfere with the zocor though.

  3. High doses of niacin can lead to liver damage.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by BignBad View Post
    High doses of niacin can lead to liver damage.
    See the safety info here . That's a must-read if you plan on using niacin. Basically avoid time-release niacin if you plan on dosing high.

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