Water Retention

  1. Water Retention

    For some reason I seem to be retaining a lot of water and seem to have a build up on my belly.

    I went out on Saturday night and woke up the next day very dehydrated.... the deposit was completely gone and i coudl see my bottom abs, however once i rehydrated the depost of water was back!

    Is this caused by something? Just to add I am not on creatine, I eat clean carbs and high ammounts of protein my body fat is around 13% and I have visable abs when the water is not there!

    Any advice would be appriciated.

  2. I'd pretty much have to go with genetics as being the main cause.

    How much water you hold under your skin can be manipulated by a couple of factors, but ultimately its how your genetics favor you, some people will just naturally have less water retention than others..

    If you're not adequately hydrated then you're going to hold onto more water simply because your body senses the lack of adequate hydration. Sodium and potassium also come into play with this as well as carbohydrate intake. There's a great article on T-Nation if you search around about manipulating subcutaneous fluid levels for aesthetic reasons.

    It's quite the ***** too... I always had to deal with my water weight during wrestling because it was the easiest thing to both gain and lose.

  3. Dam, Winstrol it is then!

    Will look for that article.


  4. Obviously, I assume you're sodium intake isn't too high??

  5. yeah im gonna go with sodium intake too high, just a guess.....
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