questions about Macros/ total nutrtion

  1. questions about Macros/ total nutrtion

    Name of this thread is probably a little off.. couldnt figure out what to call it..
    Background for this question is this:
    I took my totals for today on excel spread sheet.. i have been progressively dropping carbs and adding protein and some fat to adjust.. Im on Trenadrol right now trying to gain 8lbs of LBM while hopefully reducing body fat approximently 2%... so on to the question:
    Totals for the Day =
    Cals=3240 F=121 C=160 P=310 why are my cals at 3240 Total when:
    (121x9cals/g) 1089 + (160x4cal/g) 640 + (310x4cal/g)1240= 2969calories
    I dont understand.. is this not how calories are figure out? could i have just screwed up and maybe rounded a number here or there?

  2. Where is the 3240 coming from the spreadsheet?

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