Question about Protein intake

  1. Question Question about Protein intake

    I hear it all from take in .7-2 grams of protein per pound. So being myself weighing around 200 LBS, I should take in around 350+ of protein in one day?

    Also in the morning I have a 60 gram shake + egg whites and I was told the eggwhites are kind of a waste because I already had 60 grams from the shake and the egg white protein will turn into glucose?

    Is it bad if it converts into glucose? How exactly does glucose work in bodybuilding? Good or bad?

    Thanks for the info

  2. I personally think the whole buttload of protein thing is overrated. I mean, yeah, I have at least 1gram per pound of bodyweight each day, but when I first started out I didn't have near that amount, and I grew fine. If I didn't have to focus on so much protein every day, I'd probably be pretty damn skinny though.

    Anyway, I go by 1 per pound, up to you though. And glucose is the main component to growing muscle. It's your muscle's energy, and when they don't have it, you can't grow. Glucose refills muscle glycogen stores, which you burn while doing exercise, especially heavy lifting. Hence eating simple carbs after a workout, to refuel them. In your case, too much protein causing too much glucogenesis, if that's what its called i dont remember(the conversion of protein to glucose), can lead to too much glucose, where then your body would release insulin(i think) to store that glucose. And you guessed it, that would become fat. So too much glucose and not enough exercise= FAT.

    PS my terms may be off but I know for sure extra glucose becomes fat.

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