help with daily nutrition?

  1. help with daily nutrition?

    Hey guys! Just joined and this is my first post. I must say that out of all the forums this place is where its at! All the tools that can be used here are awesome!

    First of all let me say that I am just getting back into bodybuilding. Been at it for about 6 months now after a 3 year lay off. Got married bought a house and just got too busy, but now I'm itchin to throw some heavy weights around.

    Here's what I've been working on let me know where I could improve. I work Mon.-Fri. 7pm-5pm. I plan on working out Mon.-Sat. with Wed. and Sun. off.
    Mon. - Shoulders
    Tues. - Arms
    Wed. - off
    Thurs. - Back
    Fri. - Chest
    Sat. - Legs
    Sun. - off

    I have usp labs ap and powerfull and I have an idea of where to supplement them but would like some advice before I start. I will probably start this regime March 16. But here's my daily food intake Mon.-Sat. with Sun. being my "Free Day".

    5:30 am – Wake-up
    6:00 am – Meal 1…500 cal. (1 multiv. 1 vit.C 2 fish-oil)
    55 carb.
    55 pro.
    7 fat
    8:30 am – Meal 2…315 cal.
    40 carb.
    25 pro.
    7 fat
    11:30 am – Meal 3…320 cal.
    40 carb.
    30 pro.
    4 fat.
    2:00 pm – Meal 4….330 cal.
    45 carb.
    10 pro.
    14 fat
    4:30 pm – Meal 5….315 cal. (1multiv. 1 vit. C 1 fish-oil)
    19 carb
    42 pro.
    9 fat
    5:15 pm – pre-workout (super pump250 for now but would like to try MHP’s Dark Rage)
    5:30pm-6:30pm/7pm – TRAIN
    6:30pm/7pm – post-workout(BSN”s Cell-Mass and whey pro. shot-26g pro.-and pineapple)
    7:30 pm – Meal 6….400 cal.
    40 carb.
    40 pro.
    5 fat
    9:30 pm –Protein Shake 200 cal. (1 fish-oil)
    13 carb.
    23 pro.
    6 fat
    10:00pm – Sleep

    Totals are: -+ 2500 cal.
    -+ 250 carb.
    -+ 250 pro.
    -+ 50 fat

    So that's it. Any advice is welcome. My goals are to gain as much lean mass and lose as much fat as possible(haha isn't everyones?), not too much to ask, right?

  2. what do your meals consist of?

  3. Well I followed that diet last week and just felt too full in the morn. and evening. I ate something very similar to this :
    5:30am – wake 1 AP

    6:00am –2 scoops syntha 6
    1 pack oatmeal
    8 oz. juice
    1 multiv.
    2 fish-oils
    1vit. C

    8:15am – 2 ATROPHEX

    9:00am –2 scoops whey
    1 apple

    11:45am – kashi bar
    1 can tuna

    2:30pm – 2 ATROPHEX

    3:00pm – 2 scoops whey
    1 banana

    5:00pm – pre-workout : superpump250

    5:30pm-6:30pm – EAA w/ CellMass

    6:30pm – 1 AP
    Protein shot
    1 multi
    1 vit. C
    2 fish-oil

    7:30pm –Chicken

    9:45pm – 2 scoops Dym. Protein

    Last week I had more "real food" in there but I think I will try this next week. In the morn. was egg whites and my lunch consisted of chicken rice and veggies. I ate the tuna, bar, and apple at 8am.
    This week I thought I would add in some protein shakes to replace some of the "real food" meals to still keep metabolism up and continue feeding my muscles, without feeling stuffed. Also will take milk thistle three times daily for good measure. The calorie count is 2662 cal. where 90 come from fat, 262 from carbs. and 290 from protein.

  4. Your diet seems right on track, the only thing I could reccommend would be to try to balance out your meals as far as shakes and whole food go. Try to balance out your meals like whole food-shake-whole food-shake etc...It would be beneficial I believe if you took in other sources of protein rather than primarily shakes as they are quickly digested as opposed to whole food. So if you're doing a lot of cardio and trying to cut, you could in fact be burning off muscle.

  5. yeah, less shakes, more food. you probably only need 145g of protein a day to make maximum natural grade gains, so don't feel the need to use so much in shakes to hit some huge high number.

    Each pound of muscle in your body has a whopping 160g of protein. USRDA for your size is around 66g. More protein isn't a problem, but its not necessary, and getting the same calories from more solid food whether it be proteins or carbs is better than the shakes.

  6. Thanks for the info. and reply. Yeah supposedly the Syntha 6 Protein is slow release (over an 8 hour span) and the 2scoops of whey of course is fast. The dymatize protein is supposedly a 12 hour slow release, that is why I chose to take about 30 min. before bed. As for cardio, not doing too much now. Just lifting heavy 4 times a week with 1 day of 30-45min. cardio. Will probably follow this plan for 6 weeks, then cut(I have found that 2 pills atrophex doesn't really help cut as much as it makes me happy and feel good, if that makes any sense. 3-4 is better for cutting, for me). But with all that said I will try to add more food choices in there in place of the shakes. As for now it seems to be convenient for my schedule with work and all. Again, thanks for all the help.


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