Does the average person consume about 2000cals per day

  1. Does the average person consume about 2000cals per day

    a typical calorie calculator would say that a 160lb male that is not active should eat about 2200 cals per day.

    all the people i know i would assume would classify as inactive, they sit all day, and only walk from their car to their destination. Maybe walk around campus or their job.

    The thing is i watch everyone down 1000+ cal meals all the time. Plus they consume beverages with calories throughout the day. I'm assuming there no way your average 160lb guy only eats 2200 cals per day.

    The reason why i wonder this is because i have really low maintenance cals(about 2100). When i eat with others i have to be so careful with what i put in my mouth. I watch everyone else eat as they like and slurp down juices/lattes/sodas without ever gaining weight.

    Are my observarions just off? maybe these people eat alot when i see them but maybe when alone they sit without eating all day? i dunno it just had me wondering...

  2. when i was 220, even though i was cutting i was getting maybe 2100 calories but i felt full all the time

  3. they probably skip breakfast?

  4. That is why overweightedness/obesity is such a problem in the industrialized world. Most people are eating more than their maintenance caloric intake.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by rush808 View Post
    they probably skip breakfast?
    yea exactly my thoughts.

    i have tons of friends that seem to down about 1000 calories per meal. Then you realize they either skip breakfast, or have a cookie for breakfast.

    they usually do one huge meal whether it be lunch or dinner, and a tiny or non-existent breakfast...

    so you're looking at something like

    200 calories breakfast (some cookies)

    1000 calories lunch (this would have to be enormous)

    500 calories dinner (not huge, but like i said, avg joe eats one huge meal a day)

    add another 3 sodas and you get an additional say 360 calories. that's around 2060 calories.

  6. Ya for people who eat unhealthy it is much easier for them to grub down the calories. Such as fast food and soda makes it easy to get full and feel decent all day, but when you eat more healthy, healthier food tends to have less calories which makes it super easy to maintain your maintenance calories.

  7. I knew guys in college who would only eat one meal a day usually around midday or dinner time. It was almost always fast food and was probably 1200 to 1500 calories. They all wondered why they kept gaining weight.


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