How to Hydrate for someone very sweaty

  1. How to Hydrate for someone very sweaty

    Hi Guys,

    I find that a warmer day affects me a lot compared to other people. I believe it's because I am quite sweaty, so when i'm running around I lose a lot of the water i've been taking in leading up to it.

    How should I hydrate during a football game on a hot day? I don't want to drink too much water during the game because all that water is going to be crap in my stomach


  2. i usally slam water a day before....... but im curious to what else would work
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    Definitely hydrate the day before as well as the hours prior to the game. Then sip on anywhere from 1.5-3 liters during the game, depending on how active you are.

  4. Not sure how water will cramp your stomach if you sit small amounts when you are not on the field. I can understand heavy sweating.

    I lost 9 lbs in one triathlon workout WHILE I was drinking lots of water.

    Best solution I have found is poseidon. Throughout the day before and then during the day up until the workout.

    Edit I take it throughout my workout. I meant to say for the OP since he is playing football he probably wouldn't be able to take the Poseidon during the game so take it up until game time
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  5. I was going to say the same thing Crowler said.

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  6. Quote Originally Posted by CROWLER View Post
    Best solution I have found is poseidon. Throughout the day before and then during the day up until the workout.
    6 scoops a day is awesome
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  7. A good basic rule is the water you consume today is what will affect you tomorrow. Make sure you are well hydrated the night before and drink enough water, but not enough to make you sick to your stomach. Every break or chance you should sip/drink water, but don't chug.

    - Here is a great website with great info on hydration

    - Another good rule is to pay attention to the color of your urine.

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