MAjor challenge

  1. MAjor challenge

    Ok- my digestive system has been messed up for the last month or so.
    I've only been able to eat saltines and some protein shakes.

    so, from there- i look and feel soft and groodyfrom those freakin saltines . As much as it hurts not to eat them and alkaseltzer, I have to stop eating them. I cant take this puffy bloated feeling anymore
    I need to get back to a semi normal diet that my sensitive system can toletate.
    Who can give me some advice on what to eat in the way of more protein,
    and ideas on a really sensitive digestive system still...

  2. You'll need to google for the diet your looking for, and even then you'll have to put it together your self. Only you know the foods that effect you bad. If your bulking, try a 40%protein, 30%carb, and 30%fat. Use the "diet Tracker" above to figure out the grams. Just don't forget the fiber!!!! On high protein you'll need it.

    I like:
    protein.........BBQ salmon tips, whey, chicken.
    Carb............Raw veggies, broccoli, red peppers, carb shake, ect..
    Fat..............EFA's supps, avocados,
    Just some simple stuff you don't have to cook. Just through it in a cooler bag, eat and grow.

  3. If you have a really sensitive digestive system I would suggesting incorporating more raw foods if you can stomach them. Personally I tend to stay away from raw broccoli as it gives me killer indigestion but anways...

    Cooked and raw vegetables are great for your digestive system, you won't have to worry about acidity and they will provided both fiber for the bacteria in your GI track, which are no doubt suffering, and will help acclimate the intestines to a larger volume of crap.

    I'm not a huge advocate of soy but it is a complete protein (barely) and is suitable as a meat replacement for cooking. Presumably it should be easier on the digestive system because cooking with soy is like cooking with jello.

    Exciting, I know.

  4. Start taking Gut Health, and NOW SuperEnzymes, that could very well make a load of difference.

  5. have you tried yougurt with the bacterial cultures. maybe start out in small quantities and gradually increase....not activa or that **** but the organic stuff. also i would reccomend buying some Barleans Greens which has a whole range of healthy greens including some sea kelp, etc.

  6. have you tried yougurt with the bacterial cultures.
    Not to nitpick but all yogurts have bacterial cultures... Personally I think the "special cultures" are just a load of crap. No matter what, you are going to get beneficials bacteria cultures from eating yogurt.

  7. i just think that regular yogurt with all the additives are much less effective than with organic cultures. just my 2cents. either way i think yogurt is a good idea

  8. So you have been eating only saltines and protein shakes for the past month? Seems to me that would screw up your digestive system even more especially if your sensitive to begin with. Start incorporating healthy whole non processed foods as much as possible to get back on track. Like the ideas above i would also agree that natural yogurt would help get you on track too.

  9. Have you been to a DR to see why you have not been able to eat normal food? What happens when you do eat it?

    Gut Health may or may not help you depending on the cause behind this. But it would be beneficial either way in establishing a good colony of healthy bacteria.

    I would go with bland foods like chicken breast and white fish, maybe sweet potatoes. Without knowing the cause of it , its hard to recommend things.

  10. If you are going to go the yogurt direction which I think would be an excellent idea then I would suggest "Kefir". Totally destroys the sticky stomach

  11. If you are going to go the yogurt direction which I think would be an excellent idea then I would suggest "Kefir". Totally destroys the sticky stomach
    Kefir is also lactose free so no worry about gas or indigestion

  12. kefir is a good yogurt choice

  13. I had HORRIBLE digestive problems for a couple months in college. I ended up taking an aloe vera gel supplement. One bottle later, and I was all fixed up. I will see if I can find it and link it up for ya. Aloe is killer for good digestion.

  14. Here is the stuff...

    I am NOT endorsing a website, just showing a product...get it where ever the he!! you want.


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