broken bones/ injuries

  1. broken bones/ injuries

    whats the best way to quickly heal broken/ fractured bones???

  2. Osteosport, vitamin c, vitamin d3, and milk prebed. During the day bathe the bone in epsom salt, try not to use it too much. When it starts to feel better, do light work on it for therapy. Avoid, chocolates, red meat, and alcohol.
    doing my own thang!

  3. Depends what you broke and how. I had a high ankle break, close to a spiral break. If you know what TO had, thats pretty much what i did. I was focused to heal it, just took time, calcium supplements and therapy. I only went to therapy for about a week and strengthened it on my own. I have a metal plate in there to this day.

  4. physical therapy and alot of calcium. I broke all 3 bones in my arm and drank lots of milk and calsium pills and did my PT and they are as good as before now

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