Nutrition Expert Wanted for "The Steroid Experiment"

  1. Nutrition Expert Wanted for "The Steroid Experiment"

    Hi all,

    Anyone interested in providing nutritional advice for "The Steroid Experiment" (message me for the URL of the blog if you want it or Google it). Would be happy to provide a prominent link to any nutritional site that you may have.

    Site will soon also include video episodes.



  2. Sorry, can't respond to private messages. I was asked what this experiment was, in summary:

    The intention of this blog is to track my voyage into the sensible use of steroids, tracking as much quantitative values as possible.

    Some background on me ... I'm 30 years of age, and currently weigh in the region of 96kg and have been body building since the age of 16. Over the last few years I have been training pretty seriously and looking more closely at my diet. I've made some gains, but all-in-all I would say over the last few years I've reached a plateau.

    About 6-months ago I started to research into the use of steroids. Having amassed some knowledge of steroid usage, the pro's, the con's I've decided to take the step, and to do my first steroid cycle. This blog will track that usage, and give an honest account (along with some facts and figures) of the usage as well as documenting any side affects.

    As part of this voyage, I'll be recording video episodes (similar to "Steroids Saved My Life" on YouTube, except this is not a "show" but an honest account).

  3. I think what you mean is that you want to log your cycle. There is a forum with a million of these Here.

    You can find all the nutritional information Here.

    Good luck

  4. Really looking for someone who can be specific to my nutritional intake and offer advice to myself and the blog readers (assume this would also increase traffic to their own site). They would possibly add some additional useful articles to the blog (i.e. not just copy/paste from somewhere else).

    Having an experienced steroid user on the blog would also be a good idea ... I have a "Fisher Price" testosterone cycle in mind but someone who can validate that and offer guidance during the cycle (not just to me, but to users reading the blog) would be great.

    (not had enough private messages to be able to respon - there's a site restriction).

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