Egg question

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    Egg question

    Ok I don't normally count calories because I'm usually able to do it in my head close enough (my diet is very boring). A friend challenged me because he didn't believe me, so this week I have been writing down what I eat and sticking it into fitday- until today everything has come up not only close but EXACTLY what I was aiming for.

    Today I made 5 scrambled eggs. I used fitday and discovered somehow the scrambling process adds 200 calories of pure fat over boiled. How is this possible? I just throw eggs in a pan and scrape with a spatula until they are done. Are they assuming I'm adding butter or lard or cheese or something? Because I'm having the exact same substance, still cooked to about the same level, I just can't see how this would work. And no I do not use Pam or whatever, I'm washing the dishes either way so who cares if a little gets stuck?

  2. Fitday must calculate it with margine/butter. Just calculate it for 5 raw eggs.

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