Powder Indigestion

  1. Powder Indigestion

    So lately Ive been having indigestion problems after taking protein powders. Upset stomach, bloating and gas are beginning more common. I eat a balanced diet with plenty of carbs and veggies through whole foods. Current powders are whey and casein both by optimum and cytogainer. As a side note I have changed my multi from animal pak to opti-men (optimum again), if this helps at all... anybody got anything?

  2. Lactose?

  3. It could be lactose intolerance; have you tried an isolate?

  4. Definitely sounds like lactose intolerance. Just yesterday I heard a lactose intolerant person that was OK with ATW's Isolate. You might want to try that when it comes back in stock on Monday/Tues, or look into lactose-free protein powders like egg and pea.

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