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    thanks. Ill try that next time. Ill probably just buy standard 85/15 or even 70/30 and see what happens.

    So, if one were to do this with the following, what is the final % if one were to follow the procedure on


    Or as least a close approx.

    roughly under half the fat left, so no worse than
    90/10 - > 95/5
    85/15 - > 93/7
    70/30 - > 85/15

    and possibly even less fat than those...

  2. I got the good old 80/20 for 1.89 a pound by me.....great for a keto diet lol

  3. Quote Originally Posted by EasyEJL View Post
    i still like buying the 73/27, pan frying it as crumbles then rinsing with boiling water after draining the fat. you end up with leaner than 96/4, but at less than half the price. Can get the 73/27 for under $2 a lb, the 96/4 is usually around $4.50-$5/lb
    That only works if you want your beef well done. I prefer mine medium-rare, so the 93% lean is the only option for me

  4. true, but when i am doing the volume food for day to day, the ability to make up 5lbs of beef at once and store it in the fridge a week is worth more to me than enjoying it

  5. i regularly eat 93/7 ground beef

    burgers and crumbled with pasta

  6. Quote Originally Posted by flex13 View Post
    Hey fellas usually I just grab a ball of frozen meat from the freezer toss it on the pan and chop it up then eat. I was wondering if it is much worse to just make a hamburger patty toss it on the grill and just add one slice of chesse and no bun then it. I mean it cant be adding anymore calories beside the cheese correct? The only reason I ask this is because I have been on a strict routine with what I eat but over the weekend I was at my sisters and she had a left over hamburger in the fridge and I was starving so i just took it out and eat it and it was actually real good. let me know fellas....the beef i always use is just regular ground meat from the butcher!
    You guys gotta try Bubba Burgers. They are sold in the frozen section of most supermarkets. I know I know..a frozen burger? Well..holy ****...one of the juiciest burgers I have ever had. Probably not the healthiest but rank very high in the flavor department.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by EasyEJL View Post
    roughly under half the fat left, so no worse than
    90/10 - > 95/5
    85/15 - > 93/7
    70/30 - > 85/15

    and possibly even less fat than those...
    Some info from one of my resources regarding lean meats:
    The USDA figures one of the leanest beef cuts to be double bone sirloin steak.
    A 12 oz sirloin, dry broiled and trimmed, yields 6.6 oz of meat, including 1.8 oz of fat. When you exclude the 107 grams of water content (57%) which has 0 calories, the lean meat left is 61 grams. The fat left is 19 grams including 9 grams of saturated fat. Lean meat (protein) is 4 calories per gram, fat is 9 calories per gram..so this works out as:

    Fat - 19 grams x 9 calories=171 calories=41%
    Protein - 61 grams x 4 calories=244 calories=59%
    Total - 415 calories

    So...one of the best lean cuts is still 41 % fat. 19.5 % saturated fat. That's way above the government health reccommendations of 30 % total fat, 10% saturated fat. All other cuts of beef are even fattier. Pork is worse.

    Note: The book is a few years old so those government reccomendations may have changed. Hope this tidbit provides some insight and something to ponder on.

  8. i am so hungry right now


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