food posioning

  1. food posioning

    to all my fellow bodybuilders/ fitness enthusiasts who think you having a bad day or weekend allow to me cheer you up with this one....

    I'm 20 been getting very involved in bb for a year or two now and decided to do my first cycle of prohoromes (wont mention dosage/type because this is a nutrition thread) anyways it was working excellent i was up from 178 to 188 within 10 days... a few days ago (monday) my friend convinced me to get some late night take out Chinese with him (after all we are in college) but ways next day he was just fine and i had terrible stomach problems and vomiting fever and all the other good stuff... long story short my doctor told me a i had food poisoning and for the next 4 days all i was capable of was laying in bed and occ geting up to go to classes (getting out of bed for more then 30min would have me light headed as ****) anyways im starting to feel better but i just weighted myself today 178.5 and I'm scared to go to the gym and see what my maxs have dropped down too

    moral of my story becareful what you eat and when


  2. Hope you are back to normal soon. Muscle memory is a great thing!

  3. Bad stuff! I got a 24 hour bug a month and a half ago during new years. I didn't eat anything for almost 48 hours. Talk about a catabolic state! I didn't lose, but a few pounds, but it still sucked! My strength/stamina is probably what suffered the most for a couple weeks.

    Hope you're back full throttle soon bro!

  4. Get on a good probiotic supp like RPN's Gut Health. You'll feel better faster,and be less prone to food poisoning in the future.

  5. I don't wish that [email protected] on anybody. One round with that stuff is enough for me. Get better man


  6. Yeah it really is a horrible feeling.


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