My diet - thoughts

  1. My diet - thoughts

    Hi guys, new to forum - wanted to say hello & let everyone know my diet.
    22years old, training for a year - 4 day split & quite strict now for 4months.

    Trained before but not properly like this past year.

    AM: Protein shake with oats a weetabix and peanut butter (teaspoon) & water

    couple hours later chicken breast with green veg and jacket potato

    couple of hours later again same meal maybe with fish instead OR a sandwich with beef, or other meat source

    couple hours later MRP - CNP MRP

    NOS & Creatine pre-workout stimulant


    Post workout shake with HMB & Creatine Ethyl Ester

    Evening meal - pasta in a sauce with chicken/cheese, or chicken & veg and potato/rice - evening meals vary but always stick to wholemeal/wholegrain, and some source of protein via meat or dairy

  2. Your diet looks solid, but we can help you a little more if you tell us what your goals are - bulk? cut? As long as you have enough food to fuel your workout, you should be good. If you're not gaining muscle, add some food. If you're gaining fat, drop the calories.

  3. Well im on the bulk trying to bulk anyway lol Steadily putting weight on at a rate of about a good solid lb every week and half - god knows how long that will last tho!

    Definition across shoulders and arms is best but chest, stomach need a bit of a cut so i'll perhaps stick to this for a couple more months then wait for summer and cut - what you tihnk?

  4. A pound a week is a good rate; any more than that and you'll likely end up with unwanted fat. Personally, I think it's better to pack on some muscle first and then cut down...and winter is a great time for bulking

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