Fast Food Nutritional Breakdown

  1. Fast Food Nutritional Breakdown

    I think I have heard of different sites that break down the nutritional profile of most fast food varieties. I know fitday has something similar, but I thought there was something more comprehensive towards fast food.

    Anybody know any sites that specialize in this?
    Armed to the teeth.


  2. thanks bro
    Armed to the teeth.

  3. Found my new "emergency, I have no other option, only if the hand of god forces me to eat fast-food" meal.

    Taco Bell - 3 Chicken Soft Tacos

    600 Calories
    42 grams of Protein
    63 grams of Carbs
    21 grams of Fat
    1,620mg sodium

    A little high on the sodium, but overall not a bad option in a bind.

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