Sugar alcohol, bad on a cut?

  1. Sugar alcohol, bad on a cut?

    Alright, i was bulking for a while and now I'm cutting for a little bit. Every now and then when I'm at work, i grab a protein bar to snack on. (This way i can get some quick calories in) The particular bar i eat has 8g of fat, 25g carbs and 20g protein. 0g of sugar, but 13g of sugar alcohol?

    Yeah, i know it's a sugar substitute, they provide fewer calories than regular sugar, because they are converted to glucose more slowly...But, what about having this on a cut?

    I've heard that staying away from sugar in general is your best bet for cutting...So, would sugar alcohol be something to stay away from? What are the disadvantages? I've also heard people can appear heavy eating sugar alcohol, but I'm sure this is an excessive amount...Anybody know anything?

    The only other sugar i have in a day is a half cup of milk with my oatmeal. (6.5g of sugar)

    Also, from time to time I'll have a diet soda...This shouldn't be a problem since it has 0 calories, correct? Technically it shouldn't impact me, since it requires no insulin to be metabolized. Or, does diet soda do something else I'm not familiar with?

    Thanks for the help.

  2. If your not in a ketogenic diet than small amounts of it should be fine.
    For diet soda not technically not but there are so many other disadvantages of drinking diet soda that can effect you and results in the future that you should just stay away from it all together.

  3. If you're cutting and cleaning up your diet, it would be better to stay away from store bought protein bars. Instead make your own snacks and put them in bags or tupperware. there are a ton of recipes for homemade protein bars (ex. using oats, nat pb, and whey) I know for time sake it is much easier to just stop and get a bar... and you gotta do what you gotta do, but there are alternatives.
    good luck with the cut!

  4. For me, while cutting, my main problem with sugar alchohol would be that they are displacing otherwise more nutritious macro-nutrients

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