Giving blood/plasma

  1. Giving blood/plasma

    Does anyone know the effects of giving blood or plasma on the body's ability to recuperate/build muscle/avoid fatigue and sickness? I have yet to find any info on this aside from possible weakness (4?) weeks after donating blood, but I'm curious how this physically effects muscle tissue, hormones, ect. I can't imagine the body can perform the tasks demanded by a body builder as well with less blood and /or plasma.
    Any info would be greatly appreciated.


  2. I donate blood regularly, I feel like it helps alot. I fell sluggish when I dont do it.

    One of my health teachers did it every 4wks, he said it was extremely healthy. It helped him with high blood pressure.

  3. Well I think as long as you're getting enough nutrients to keep up with the blood losses, then yeah, it could help. You're making your body regenerate new RBCs and potentially getting rid of other metabolic waste that has built up.

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