Eating Fruit and Nuts

  1. Eating Fruit and Nuts

    Would a banana and a spoon of peanut butter be a good snack or would there be a lack of some of the amino acids? Ive heard that it is good to combine a fat with a sugar(fruit and nuts) but have also heard that it is bad...can anyone clarify this please?

  2. The addition of fat will slow the digestion of the sugars, spacing out the release of insulin rather than igniting it all at once. This is a positive thing, unless it is post-workout (arguably).

    There is no "bad" part do doing this, and its a great snack IMO. For a small improvement, it wouldn't be a bad idea to attempt to get in a bit more protein however. A banana plus a spoon of PB is roughly 35g CHO, 4g Protein, and 8g Fat.

  3. Try go for natural peanut butter as its a lot healthier for you than the standard peanut butters you get in the supermarket
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  4. yeah ive switched to the natural kind recently and i love it, thanks for the help guys

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