Pimp my diet

  1. Pimp my diet

    Hello all,week 1 into a new diet and exercise regimen,just wondering how it might look to some of you experts.

    Daily intake:
    1780 cals.
    217g protein
    149g carbs
    29g fat

    Mon,Wed,Fri: a quick abs routine;i.e crunch,twist,bicycle,etc..then hit the weight's
    chest:shoulder:back:biceps:tri ceps:legs---one exercise from each group 15x2.

    Tue,Thu,Sat:Cardio 30 mins.,usually on the bike...yes i am a wimp when it comes to cardio.

    I am 30 yrs old,5'10,195,about 19% body fat

    I would like to get to 180ish,14-15% body fat.

    Any and all suggestions are welcome,Thank you.

  2. Probably want a touch more healthy fats, 29 grams is pretty low. I felt like crap on 25g of fat a day.

  3. you should be taking in more calories than that. thats way too low. protiens okay, just bump up carbs and fat.

    and do abs after weights.

  4. I would collapse wit so little cals, make sure you take at least 1 day a week and have somewhere around 3000 or more to kick you metabolism back into gear. I don't like all out cheat days or meals while on a cut, I would recommend just eating more healthy foods.

    If I where you I would start with a little more cal's and see how it goes, I feel like you will be burning up some muscle with such low cals.

  5. yes i agree thats like a diet i did when i was 2 weeks out from a show. its too low of cals and is extreme. u dont need them that low.
    id say up the prtein to 250, carbs to 1 gram or1.5 grams per lb of body weight and fat 50-60 grams. bring u over 2000 cals easy. which still isnt alot.
    pair that with good training and youll shed fat and maybe even put on some myscle depending on ur training backround. now that i think of it go ahead and up the protien to 300 a day, it wont hurt

  6. 5'9" 190lbs? What do u want to do? Dissapear. You really need more cals, at least 2200 cals/day. I would increase the amount of healthy fats (EVOO, PB, peanuts, almonds, cashews) to at least 60-70 grams.

    Remember this fat is GOOD fat, is good for you vital process, plus there is some realationship with fats and testosterone release, so you should eat fats, also this will help you fell more full for loger since the fats slows down the digestion of food, so you won't starve. And good fats give you more ENERGY. So you don't feel like Sh#$ all day.

    I would also increase my protein to around 1.5 grams per lb of body weight to at least 285grams. This will help you to keep the muscle you have gained.


    70 grams of fat x 9 grams = 560 calories
    285 grams of protein x 4 grams= 1140 calories
    125 grams of carbs x 4 grams = 500 calories

    Sum 2200 calories .

    This can be your guideline, if you are not that much of a carb person, you could lower the carb intake to increase fat burn, or can increase a little the good fats.

    PM if any questions.


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