crunch time nutrition

  1. crunch time nutrition

    So I have been dieting down for 12 weeks now, and have dropped from 195 to around 176 or so. I use my calipher, and I have 7mm of fat left on my waste, 4 or 5 on my upper chest, and 5 on my anterior thy. I am trying to drop the rest off but have hit a plateau. I am taking in around 2300 calories on days I lift and then run about a half hour to 45 mins, and on days I only run 45 mins I take in around 200. I keep it clean wiht lots of oatmeal, eggs, cottage cheese, mixed nuts, protein powder, chicken, whole wheat bread, yams, and food of that sort. I was just wondering if you guys have any tricks to get rid of that last bit of fat. My target weight is 170 so I have around 6 pounds left to go and would like most of it to be fat loss. Any help would be awesome. Thanks guys. Oh, I take a multi, a pre-workout supp, creatine, CLA, and green tea.

  2. Drop the cals if it isn't coming off. Just make sure the protein aspect is there. Maybe look into a more powerful fat burner? On a side note, it could also be that you aren't eating enough?

  3. how could it be im not losing the last little bit of fat because im not eating enough?... that doesn't make since dude. I am also taking xtreme tren right now to try to help, but I have been in this plateau for about 4 weeks now.

  4. if you eat every two-three hours it keeps the metabolism up.. and u burn calories like a furnace

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