Pine Nuts

  1. Pine Nuts


    Im upping my healthy fats to every meal, i make an omlette most evening with egg whites, chicken and veg i was going to start adding milled Flax but cant find it in most stores, i see that pine nuts are low carb high in fat, are these a good alternative?

    I need a low carb high fat source to add to omlettes and evening shakes!



  2. Pine nuts arent as healthy. Have you considered coconut oil? Can eat it plain , or add it to a shake.

    I would keep searching for flax, you can buy it in most bulk food stores and stock up.

  3. Thanks for the quick reply!

    in which way are pine nuts not as healthy,

    Is flax seed good for cutting? IT seems alot or carbs?


  4. must flaxseed me cold milled? I have found this


    but i dont think its cold milled!!

  5. Walnuts are about the healthiest nuts you can eat. Highest Omega 3 content.

  6. I buy flax seeds in bulk and grind them in a coffee grinder as I use them. Works great.


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