"The Secret Potency Report"??

  1. "The Secret Potency Report"??

    hey everyone... i am relatively new to bodybuilding (been into it for three weeks following Shawn Lebrun's material and doing some kettlebells) and it turns out i am not exactly "quick gainer" material lol

    anyway a friend of mine mentioned this book about a "sexual nutrition" called The Secret Potency Report and says even though it deals with sexual nutrition for men it has actually helped him cut down his recovery time from the gym to over half and even gain more muscle.

    the link for the actual report is at potency.instantbreakthroughs.c om but i will tell you (based on what he told me) the report talks about combining cacao, goji berries and maca in a trail smoothie or something like that and my friend has it before working out. i was wondering have you guys had experience with this? any success/failure shared here about the report would be very appreciated

    peace Ahmad

  2. Seems like a standard polyphenol/antioxidant regimen. There is conflicting evidence about timing, but preworkout would probably not be ideal. The body does need a limited-duration pro-inflammatory signal to trigger growth and recovery.
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