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  1. Fla Nutrition

    Is Fla nutition offering services anymore? I have heard nothing but good results from his programs and are curious if he is still in business. If not, does anyone know of any other programs guys who offer the same service?


  2. he has retired from this line of work.
    now he prefers to spend his time involved in political debates.

  3. maybe you could help me out if you look like that in the picture

  4. haha......i might be helpful sometime.
    what type of help are you looking for? nutrition? fitness? motivation?
    this forum can be very helpful......and it's FREE!
    you could always post up your current routine/diet and get some constructive feedback from the smart folks here.
    if you need motivation, start a log to be held accountable.
    pm me a link if you do either and i'll see if i might be able to contribute.

  5. Oh, he'll give you the business alright.
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