Walden Farms...

  1. Walden Farms...

    Anyone ever tried any of their stuff? Most of it is delicious!!! I got the BBQ, the Caesar dressing, and the caramel dip. The stuff is awesome. After reading over the ingredients, I am lead to believe it is made from plastic and Satan! WHAT ELSE COULD IT BE???!!!

  2. Maybe you should post the ingredients then...

  3. i like some of it others ehhh not so much

  4. I believe they made the sugar-free products I spotted when I was doing some shopping in Buffalo; almost picked up the SF/FF Maple Syrup.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by wearedbleedblue View Post
    Maybe you should post the ingredients then...
    You can google it!

    Walden Farms products are not just sugar free/fat free... They don't contain ANYTHING at all. They are like the coke zero of condiments.

    Some of their stuff is pretty good though.

    Their chocolate syrup is amazing!


  6. Ive been wanting to try their products for a while, but can not for the life of me find any being sold around me. That maple syrup is calling to me...

  7. I tried the ketchup and it was absolutely horrible. The caramel is pretty good though and so is the coleslaw dressing.
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  8. I picked up the Caesar dressing, the chocolate, the caramel, and the bbq. I caught them on sale for $2.50 each. They are normally $5.

    Looking for ward to trying the Caesar, but the caramel is good.


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