This is the protein I had made for me at, and it is working FANTASTIC. I'm on cycle right now, and trying to put on lean bulk, and this is doing the job. Was thinking about getting the cross-flow microfiltration whey, because with the ion-exchange whey you lose the antioxidant properties, but the amino profile is so much better.

The only downside is it tastes TERRIBLE.. I can barely choke it down, and it's even come back up once, but I don't really concern myself too much with taste, it's kind of secondary to me. Maybe get a different sweetener next time.

Can anyone suggest a different protein/ingredient/ratio to get next time? Take a look at and click custom mix. Does this look pretty good to you guys?

Whey Protein Isolate Ion-Exch 20%
Calcium Caseinate 10%
Egg White Protein 10%
Whole Grain Brown Rice Carbohydrate 25%
Branch Chain Amino Acids INSTANTIZED (BCAA's) 10%
Taurine Powder 10%
Essential Amino Acids (EAA's) by the Pound (1lb) 10%
Flax Seed Oil Powder 5%
+ Premium Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough - FREE.75/lb
+ Stevia (All-Natural Sweetener) - FREE/lb
+ Aminogen / Vitamin and Mineral - $1.35/lb
+ FREE Food Grade Bag - FREE/lb