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    100 bucks a week??!?!? yall can eat.

    I just went shopping the other day and spent like 40 dollars for the week.

    It was something like 3pounds of ground beef, 3 pounds of chicken breasts, 3 dozen eggs, a few packets of tuna, some frozen fish, a few other things I'm forgetting....... (CKD)

    I'm also in college so I'm looking to cut every last frickin penny.
    Too bad you're on a CKD or you could do my trick. Buy 25lb bags of Steelcut Oats and Oatbran I have something like 40lbs of Protein Powder lying around here as well... A flavour for every mood

  2. I spend about $75 a week, and I have Brita pitchers in my fridge, with 4 gallons of COLD tap water on hand to put in them.



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