Too Many Supplaments????

  1. Too Many Supplaments????

    current stack

    post w/o
    whey protein isolate
    Xtend Bcaa

    throughout the day
    X-Factor Arachidonic Acid
    USP Labs Prime

    before bed:

    too much?????? please let me know

  2. i wouldnt say so. i think your right on point of what you really need. although if this were my stack i would take glutamine out, just due to the fact that your whey more than likely has it in it, and it hasnt really been proven to effect recovery that significantly. i've never tried zma, but i loved powerfull/1-carboxy. Also i gave waxy maize a run for a couple tubs, and i felt it wasnt necessary. i listened to a couple interviews on superhuman radio, and read articles here and there that dispelled waximaize so i figured why waste anymore money? of course someone will think differently but that just MO. so for my shakes i use a cup of oats. BUT if you feel they all work for ya then by all means keep using them. SO NO i dont think you have to much.

  3. Not even close

  4. There are numerous people on this board and others that probably take 2-3x that amount daily!

  5. Depends on the persons definition of too much...thats nothing outrageous in my opinion tho
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