Poll: Do you count inferior protein sources when calculating your total daily protein count

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Do you count inferior protein sources into your daily protein count?

  1. Do you count inferior protein sources into your daily protein count?

    Do you count inferior protein sources into your daily protein count when comparing it against your daily total protein goal [ 1g - 1.5g per lb of bodyweight/lean body mass] depending on your goals - cutting or bulking.

    For instance, if you ate a meal containing...

    1 egg (6.5g complete protein)

    [X g inferior protein]
    mixed nuts

    Do you account for your protein intake as
    6.5g + X
    6.5g + [% of X that is complete protein due to complementing (e.g. mixed nuts)]
    6.5g + 0.5X
    6.5g only

    i'd like to hear from YOU.


  2. I'd count it all. Its not so much "inferior" as incomplete. Nuts are complete sources as far as I know though. Also, when you consume all that stuff together, do you really think your stomach and digestive tract knows what protein came from what source? Once it starts to get broken down, the only thing it knows is the size of the fractions of protein and eventually the amino acids its broken down to. Unless you're consuming incomplete protein sources without a complementary food to "complete" them, I wouldn't worry about it.

  3. It really doesn't matter.. As long as you are consistent. If you want to count it, count it everytime.

    My meals are mostly pro/fat. I have pro sources, and fat sources, but i don't count any protein from fats towards my target macros for that meal.

    However inversly, if i eat a pro source that is fatty(sirloin) i do count that fat against my fat intake for that meal.

  4. I count everything that I put in my stomach...doesn't matter what...if a source has a slight bit of protein, but more healthy fat then I count both...calories are calories, your stomach will not say, well, this is just a slight bit of protein from a source which is mainly for healthy fats, so i'll just consume the complete fat and discard the rest....
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  5. The main thing is that you eat a complete protein source with every meal. This way, even if some of the protein your taking in is "incomplete," it will still accumulate as a complete protein.

    It's not like the body doesn't use the protein from wheat, broccoli, ect.. It's just that for the body to use the protein for muscle building, all of the essential amino acids must be present.

  6. count them all. Varied protein sources are important.


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