Late Night problem

  1. Late Night problem

    Greetings. First post so bear with me. I have a problem. I have a decent meal at 8am and another around noon (both 1/2 cup oats, eggs or chicken, greens), but with my schedule and appetite, it's hard for me to eat big at those two times or again before I train around 4:45. About 6, I get my PW shake in, then a decent meal around 8pm(1/2 cup pasta, chicken, salad). Then I alwasy find myself hungry post training and playing catchuip so I eat about 8-10 small bowls of shelled peanuts starting at 9pm, doze off for a little, eat another, etc. up until midnight. So it equates to a good size bag of shelled peanuts before I wake in the morning.

    Is this bad? I wish I had the time and/or appetite but dont. Never really thought it was a negative to overeat post training and play catch-up, but wanted you opinion.

    6'2, 190, prob. 8-9%

    thanks guys

  2. Are you bulking, maintaining or cutting?

    1/2 cup pasta, chicken and salad is not that decent of a PWO meal. If bulking, it is *way* light on carbs.

    Shelled peanuts that close to workout (and any time in that quantity) is also not the best choice. Some protein, but a high fat content. Take the opportunity post-workout to get large amounts of carbs, within the context of your overall daily calorie allotment.

    How many total cals are you taking in per day and what is the breakdown among carbs, protein and fats?

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