getting fat please help!

  1. getting fat please help!

    hey everyone, ive been on my bulking diet for a good 4 or 5 months now, and its 6-8 meals a day, about 40g protein 30g carb and 10-15g fat each meal..... i started at 205 and got up to 235, but ive developed a gut and some pretty mean love not even sure if ive gained any lean mass? my training is spot on, and everything else is great as far as this normal during a bulking phase? please let me know, thanks

  2. it is when you are gaining 8lbs a month. you should probably cut back on calories some, i'd drop carbs a little. Anything more than 2-3lbs a month is likely fat if you aren't using anabolics

  3. if you're not 'on' anything, you can also lower the protein a bit.

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