Leg Cramping still a week later

  1. Exclamation Leg Cramping still a week later

    I have been doing a newer routine focusing on stricter free weight movements and as the leg part have been doing true squats to parallel in a rack and straight legged deadlifts up on a platform to get good extension.

    The first leg workout went fine, the second was a bit stiff into the glutes and upper hamstrings but doing the routine with the warm up did the trick and then by the time I got into any weight I had loosened up again.

    The third leg workout was just about the same as the second.

    Since the third leg workout a week ago I have gotten so tight into the hamstrings and glutes that I have stayed out of the gym aside from going in to stretch.

    At this point I am in pain all day, I stretch every 15 minutes or so at work (sitting office job) and it just keeps tightening up. It has gone down into my calf as well and I am fighting to keep it loose.

    By the way this is my left leg only. My right leg is fine. I am popping my daily vitamins, added potassium suplement. I tossed a little bit of salt on my food yesterday by the recommendation of a body building co-worker and am drinking as much water as I can. And I don't think I injured anything as I was doing moderate to heavy weight with strict form not HEAVY weight. There was no pop, tear, or pain while working out; only constant tightening.

    What can I do? -- I have wished I had some muscle relaxers or could figure out any nutrient deficiency to get this to stop. Anyone know how to get this corrected?


  2. If your taking in 1g of potassium, a gallon of water, and stretching real deep every chance you get. Then I would suggest getting a deep tissue massage, they work wonders for me. And if you have a massage envy by you they are only $39 for your first time.

  3. Also, buy some ZMA the magnesium makes the muscles relax and stops cramps for many users.

    A good side effect is steady bowel movements.

  4. ZMA Gave me really bad direah... Just a warning. haha

    But make sure youre stretching after lifting. I would suspect that if you put a good 5 mins into it you will be fine.

  5. Thanks for the replies.

    I will have to get doing more stretching after the workouts. I don't have ZMA but will get

  6. Epsom salt baths are a better way to absorb magnesium. You will get more magnesium this way and absorb it more efficiently. 3-4 baths per week with 2-3 cups of epsom salts in hot water should really help. It's stopped me from cramping. ZMA wasn't enough for me, magnesium deficiency is a really hard thing to tackle.


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