Favorite "easy" Meals/Foods

  1. Favorite "easy" Meals/Foods

    Hey everyone, I always see people asking for diet/meal plans. I myself sometimes can't decide what to eat, because I'm sick of eating the same thing over and over. Let's put all of our favorite meals/foods, that are easy to prepair or quick to make if precooked.

    Here's a few to start:

    1. Chicken breast- I pre-cook 10-12 at a time and then freeze them and then it only takes a few minutes to microwave...

    2. Rice- Spice it up or leave it plain, I usually make as much rice as i can get in the pot, because it will get eaten.

    3. Fruit smoothy(on the go)- Blend Bananas, Apples, pears, berries, etc. to your liking and then freeze it in small containers. I use these as ice packs when I have to take food with me somewhere. After a couple hours it unfreezes and my food is still cold.

    4. Ultimate shake(2000cal/190c, 80f, 135p)- 4 cups milk, 8 tbsp peanutbutter, 2 scoops protein, 2 cups oats. Split this up into 2 different meals unless you want a serious spike in insulin.

    5. Tuna- Not hard to explain... Open the can and eat it. haha

    6. Nuts- Almonds, peanuts, any kind you can think of really...

    Alright guys lets keep this going!

  2. My favorite 'easy' meal is a pound+ of chicken/beef and this whole wheat, swiss cheese, macaroni from target. Its their archer farms brand. It works out to about 40/40/20, and its almost your daily intake of everything. so you can split it up over a couple meals.

  3. Instead of rice, look into quinoa for a change of pace. Sorry I can't post links, but look up quinoa on Google to learn about its benefits. You can cook it pretty much the same as rice.

    Also, legumes are good. A can of Bush's Beans is a simple addition to any meal. Just open the can and warm up some beans.

  4. Egg omelet/scramble. Cut up your favourite veggies (peppers, green beans, broccoli etc.), sautee them up. I add in (5 Eggs, 1c. Egg Whites, 1c. Milk + Spices like Basil, Steak Spice, Curry Powder, Garlic, Pepper etc.). If you want to make an omelet, reserve the veggies then add them back on top. I usually cut this in half to make 2 meals.

  5. When im bulking up i ingest a serious quantity of carbs, mostly from oats as they are quick and easy.

    I consume around 1k of oats a day. I simply slap 150 grams into a coffee grinder, grind up for a ultra fine power, then add to a shaker, with around 250ml water and neck it.

    Same with chicken breasts, before work, i boil 4 breasts up for around 30 mins, i then leave them to cool, i add around 40oz of water to a blender, add in the chicken, and wisk up for around 2-3 min, this will make up two shakes.

    i eat most my food in liquid form, this allows me to live a near normal life.

  6. Oatmeal...pour it in bowl, add water, pop in the wave. 2 minutes later yum.

  7. Sardines in spring water. Delish. Nutrish.

    Oh, and cheap as sh*t.

  8. Whole milk. I really thought that switching from skim to whole would make me fat, I was wrong. It's easy calories. It's incredibly cheap & convenient and it's also the single most complete food I can think of.

    Pasta meals. Take Mac N Cheese, add in a pound or two of whatever kind of meat you like, you can also add peas, corn, diced tomatoes, whatever veggies you want. Add in unflavored or "light" olive oil if you need extra fat. This is the kinda thing you can make a big batch of and reheat all week. You can do the same with spaghetti or chili.

  9. Wraps. I learned a while ago that I can eat just about anything in a wrap. The low carb ones are a huge help while dieting.

    For meat, use some leftover chicken breasts or beef, or canned chicken or tuna or cold cuts. Throw on whatever cheese you have, lettuce/onions/fresh spinach or whatever. Then you have your pick of mayo, mustard, bbq sauce, or salsa & sour cream. Beans and rice are a good addition if you want the carbs. Very quick.

  10. lately ive been making soups to stop hunger.

    1 cup frozen chopped broccoli <and green peas if i have em>
    2-3 eggs
    some type of lean protien
    any type of left over greens.

    just boil some water mix in all the ingredients except the eggs. wait till the brocolli softens, then add in the eggs. salt, pepper and crushed red peppers and your done.

    there really isnt any prep time since most of the stuff is just left overs anyway. and since its a soup it fills you up.

  11. easy quick meal

    turkey breast
    1 slice pepper jack cheese

    microwave 40 seconds, let cool for 30 seconds. tastes fresh out of the deli !



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