What is a good supplement to support BCAA's???

  1. What is a good supplement to support BCAA's???

    i am trying to get all the right supps for me, and heard that BCAA's are an important factor. what would be a good starter??

  2. Bulk BCAA is flavorless, you can start with that. If you want some flavor, try Scivation's XTEND - the watermelon flavor is awesome.

  3. Controlled Labs - Purple Wraath is what i use. comes in grape and lemon. grape is a nice flavour. I'll get back to you on the lemon flavour after i try it today!

    Purple Wraath and Xtend are pretty popular around here
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  4. A good supplement to support BCAA's would be just that. LG Sciences makes a BC/EAA drink mix so that you get the best of both worlds, and it tastes great!

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