Arthritis help

  1. Arthritis help

    Just some info for those who have or know someone who has arthritis pain. A friend of mine's Mom has arthritis in both wrist, fell down a year ago and broke both of them. I sent her a bottle of Serrapeptase and she notice a great difference within two weeks.

    My Mom had to take steroids last year for her arthritis (she's almost sixty) and I bought her two bottles of 60,000 ui pills and she needs nothing now. Can drink her morning coffee again without any problems and is blown away. She's a registered RN and was really skeptical, but swears by it now and has her friends with arthritis taking it now.

    I'm not a sponsor, seller, and have nothing to gain. Just passing on knowledge. Read below. There is lot's of benefits to this enzyme. I started taking it for a varicose vein problem and have no problems since.

    You can pick this up at any heath store and don't need to by from a web site. Some companies sell it at ridicules prices for some reason, but it's quite cheap if you shop around.

    serrapeptase silkworm enzyme article


  2. Lol what?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Graglor View Post
    Lol what?

    Eliminating all plant matter from your diet will also "cure" Arthritis.

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