Poll: Do you find FF Cottage Cheese to be beneficial?

FF Cottage Cheese?

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  1. Never enough
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    fooey, your body uses saturated fats to create testosterone. prebed its perfect
    Animis Rep

  2. Never enough
    EasyEJL's Avatar

    and your body creates the cholesterol from saturated fat
    Animis Rep

  3. I usually down 1/2 to 1c before bed, great with pineapple too!

  4. Very high BV Casein protein. Have you tried adding splenda to it?

  5. looks like i got a new pre bedtime snack

  6. I just cant stomach the stuff. I evidenlty have a tremendous amount of texture issues

  7. I go with 250g of the 1% regular sodium kind. I don't think there's a huge deal in having the sodium unless you have BP issues or are trying to cut as much water as possible for a show.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by fernalfers View Post
    looks like i got a new pre bedtime snack
    That it is.


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