Hey everyone! due to a change in circumstances my old diet is no longer feasable since im not at home anywhere near as much :S

So I wanna design a new one! If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated the good thing is that I can pretty much get whatever food I like (just not cook it myself like i used to)
My schedule is leaving the house in the morning at about 7.30 so I would have to have breakfast eaten by 7 since I have to get up earlier to cook if its a hot breakfast I was wondering what everyone would recommend for a cold and prefarbly quick breakfast, I dont mind if its something I have to prepare the night before, I was thinking of a diet like this:
Breakfast at 7:
Ham Omelet (3 Eggs)
1 Cup Orange Juice
Slice of brown bread
Meal 1 at 10: Im entirely stumped as to what to have hear, was thinking something simple, would chicken and salad on a batch be okay?
Meal 2 at 1300: I was thinking of tuna pasta (its a fatty pasta with mayo unfortunatly)
Meal 3 (pre workout meal 1) at 1600: I was reading that peanut butter is highly nutritious, so I was just thinking of peanut butter sandwiches for this meal.
Meal 4 (pre workout meal 2) at 16:30: shake with ~ 50g dextrose and 25g whey
18:00 workout
Meal 5 (post workout meal) at 19:00 shake with 50g dextrose and 25g whey
Meal 6 at 22:00: whatever is family tea generally reasonable yet large meal.

What does everyone think of this? Im taking omega,3,6 and 9 capsules and a multivatimain as well, I know this diet is by no means the best or that good at all so if anyone can offer advice on improvements it would be great, I know this is a slighlty daft question to ask but when throughout the day should I eat fruit? Is with any meal okay? I will of course be staying hydrated throughout the day. Thanks to anyone who can offer advice