!!!Breakfast Burritos!!!

  1. !!!Breakfast Burritos!!!

    I was wondering how long I could keep the stuffin in the refrigerator so I could get up throw them sh!ts in a tortilla and eat on the go.

    I'm thinking the basics; eggs, ham, potatoes, and cheese.
    I could cook it all then keep in some tupperware container microwave in the morning and wrap it in one of those wheat tortillas.

  2. I love breakfast burritos! Here's what I do:

    In a pan, brown an onion with a little olive oil. Throw in some chilli, garlic and hot sauce. While you are letting it do its thing, cook your minced beef on a hot plate or in another pan. Put some chopped up tomatoes, mushrooms, capsicum etc. in with the onion mix. Let it simmer away for a few minutes. Now add your cooked beef. Mix it up nice and good then throw a couple of eggs in the mix. Let it simmer away for another five minutes or so. Store this in a container and every time you want to eat, heat some of the mixture up and wrap it in a whole wheat tortilla. It's an easy, clean meal.

  3. That sounds so good. I'll give that a try.

    I was looking for a tasty way to increase dietary cholesterol and fats that sounds great. I started buying whole milk instead of 1% (and if I'm feeling a little rockefeller I'll get me some raw milk at the natty food store).

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