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    I'm currently trying to come up with a solid nutrition plan for myself. I'm 25, 6' 6" and currently 308lbs, haven't gotten body fat checked but i would estimate 20%. Ive been training for 4 years and have never actually went by a set nutrition guide line or really cooked my own food. I believe just cleaning my diet up for the time being instead of eating processed foods and fast foods will benefit me more than diving into a fat loss diet. I should slim up from changing my eating habits, but i would like to design a eating plan out with the correct protein,carb, and fat requirements i need. So i have a few questions and would rely like your help to answer them or any other input you might have.

    I mainly need help figuring out how to setup my nutrition plan not the actual food content and such. These are just a few question that have me stumped.
    1) I found a link to a calculator on i was going to use to calculate my macro requirments based on weight, age,height, and bodyfat percentage but seems i dont have priveladges to post urls yet.. wtf If anyone knows what im talking about do comment.
    2) What calculation must be made to figure out what is needed for myself? BMR? LBM?
    3) Where can i find macro nutrient breakdown for foods by the ounce weights. Everywhere i look i can only find ones that for example list the macros for a single chicken breasts not taking into account the size of it or weight.
    3)Any other link or other ways of calculating what my requirements for my body would be?

  2. Post a photo and we'll be able to give you some indication. There are plenty of websites that allow you to track your daily food intake. I like Nutrition Data personally. AM even has a tracker.

  3. Nutrition plan

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