1. Pretzels...

    I have been eating a few pretzels as an afternoon snack lately. Do you guys think the canola oil in them is that big of a deal? There can be that much in them! I just happened to notice that it was in the ingredients. Everything else on the label looks pretty sound.

    120 cals
    1g of fat
    290mg sodium
    24g carbs
    3g of protein

    Ingredients: Unbleached wheat flour, water, canola oil, potato flour, salt, oat fiber, yeast, soda.

    Any opinions? Thoughts?

  2. I hope not! I've been eating a few here and there too. Dieting sucks!

  3. Quote Originally Posted by crader View Post
    I hope not! I've been eating a few here and there too. Dieting sucks!
    They can't be that bad unless you eat a whole bag! I just eat 2 servings as a snack. I guess if you are dieting, it may be too many carbs.

  4. I steer clear of pretzels. They have absolutely no nutritional value, and are loaded with sodium.

  5. I would not stress over a few pretzels here and there. Unless your weeks out of a show or something, don't sweat it.

  6. i was just doin some research, looking up GIs of different foods and stuff and found that pretzels have a pretty hight GI, the site i was looking at had them as 83. A small amount still isn't a big deal but i just though this was interesting

    heres the site I found it on,

  7. I'll eat them before working out sometimes, when I'm short on time. it gives me a great boost, between the sodium, and the simple carbs.

  8. I just eat them as a snack. They will most likely get replaced with something else next week.


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